Take Back Your Vacation

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Take back your vacation with this unconventional, no-holds-barred OUT OF OFFICE NOTIFICATION.


“Hey. Psst. You and I️ both know there is no such thing as ‘no access to email.’ There is ALWAYS access.” “But here’s the thing— I️ am away with my husband and 2 kids on an amazing family vacation that we’ve been planning for quite some time. I’m sure you can imagine how priceless it is for us to get away so we can connect with each other and create some incredible memories.” “I️ pledged to my family that I️ would completely disengage from work and be totally present, so I️ will not be checking email or voicemail at all. Again, not checking. Really.” “If, however, your matter is truly urgent and you need my assistance, here is my husband’s mobile number: 281-555-5555. Call him and run your emergency by him first such that I️ might gain his support and forgiveness for violating my promise due to your emergency.” “I️ will be back in the office fully recharged and ready to get back to work on November 13.”


Please adjust and adapt for your own use, and enjoy your vacation! You and your loved ones deserve it!

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