3 Ways to No

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Can you jump on a call this morning?” “Would you read over this client report to ensure that it captures all key points from our meeting?” We’ve all been there. Last minute requests at work. Some of us may cite several reasons for saying “yes” even though what we really want is to say “no.” And actually, sometimes saying “no” may be necessary for preserving and safeguarding our wellbeing in the midst of an already heavy workload. Imagine the difference an arsenal of various ways to say “no” would make. Having a ready “no” available could help prevent becoming overwhelmed and over-worked, while at the same time avoiding the discomfort and awkwardness of delivering a blunt “no.”

Try these out:

(1) “That won’t be convenient for me.”

(2) “I’m uncomfortable with that.”

(3) “I have a more pressing priority right now.”

What are some ways you have said “no” at work? And how well did it go?

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