The Power of Voice

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“This job is costing me too much. My company is changing for the worse. I want to be heard. I want to be recognized for my skills and talent. I deserve respect. I deserve to be valued. I am tired of being talked over, passed over, overlooked.” These are just some of the sentiments expressed to me by several amazing professional women who were gracious and generous to set aside a day to be interviewed for my upcoming book. Through the questioning, the listening, the aha’s, the insights, the lessons learned, the laughter, the frustrations, and yes, even the tears, I couldn’t help but think about how powerful we each are when we have a voice. How powerful we are when we rise up from the shadows of misplaced expectations, imposed invisibility, and unfair treatment to say out loud what needs to be said. And then how much more powerful we become when our voice joins up with another voice that joins up with yet another voice. The #metoo movement has clearly illustrated what a collection of voices can do. As we enter the last days of 2017, what is behind us is not as important as what lies in front of us. Imagine if each of us purposefully ended the year with our voice.

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