Delta’s Customer Relationship Management That Works

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Good job Delta!

Say what you will about the airlines (and oftentmes we do!), yet I say Delta is getting something right.

During the last 15 minutes of my flight, I was presented with this handwritten card from Maggi, the lead flight attendant.

Here’s what Delta got right:
1. The card was given to me by Maggi, who had established a connection with me at boarding and during the flight with her smile, friendly banter, and service. In presenting the card, Maggi echoed its sentiment without repeating it verbatim.
2. The card was handwritten and addressed to me personally. It was not pre-printed and signed by “Delta airlines” or “Delta airlines president.” It was signed by Maggi.
3. My card was personalized. Its wording differed from that of my seat mate, who was also presented with a card. (We compared just to be sure!)

In short, Delta understands the power in business of personal connection coupled with “I appreciate you.”

Well done, Maggi and Delta!

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  1. Hi Theresa,

    I’m glad you published this. I also received virtually the same hand written card from Maggi. As simple as it seems, this kind of customer service is priceless. It was nice to be recognized on a personal basis.

    Thanks Maggi, who clearly seeks no personal gain from this practice.


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