Are You Looking for a Facilitator?

Great training content, whether developed internally or licensed, is only as good as the person delivering it. Great facilitators draw on all the senses in their delivery to appeal to diverse visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning styles. Great facilitators thrive on an engaging, interactive approach that gets participants thinking, feeling, learning, and even laughing.

So, why not invest in having one of the best facilitators in the business help deliver your soft-skills training content? Topic areas include leadership, purpose/vision/mission, wellness, diversity and inclusion, engagement, work-life balance, and team building.

“Theresa Robinson delivered one of the most powerful training experiences we have had at our company. She demonstrated a mastery of the material presented on Energy Management, and her delivery of the material was captivating. The impact was seen in our organization by the lives that were changed as a result of this experience, both in performance improvement at work and quality of life at home. I would highly recommend her to any organization looking for a world class trainer.”   

Don Griffin Vice President, Human Resources Johanna Foods, Inc.

 “Rarely do you find someone who can connect with both the head and the heart in a way that Theresa can.  She is inspirational without being sappy and genuinely humble.  She connects with the whole person, not just part of them.”

Kirk Perry, Vice President and General Manager, North America Baby Care, Procter & Gamble

 Are You Looking for a Speaker?

Great speakers have subject expertise, passion, and excellent relationship skills.  This allows them to connect with and plant seeds of positive change into the mind, heart and spirit of the audience.

So, why not invest in having one of the best well-being and inclusion speakers in the business speak at your next event? Topic areas include purpose, wellness, engagement, and work-life balance with emphasis on life strategies for women.

“Theresa Robinson is one of the most dynamic speakers I have had the opportunity to experience in the 22 years I have worked in Organizational Development. Theresa is an excellent example of full engagement both in her personal life and in her seminars. She captures the audience’s attention from the moment she steps on the stage and she continues to engage them throughout the entire presentation. Theresa gives realistic life tools participants can use to change behaviors and ultimately change their lives for the better.”  

Jana Nelson, Organizational Development Specialist, Ministry Health Care

“Theresa is a dynamic trainer and educator. She captivates her audience with her animated style, high energy, compassion, and sense of humor. She challenges participants to embark upon a journey to self-discovery and self-empowerment, while providing the tools and techniques to bring people’s aspirations into reach. Better yet, she leaves audiences ready and willing to take action that can transform both their professional and personal lives.”

Terry Geraghty, Senior Vice President, Global Human Resources, Manhattan Associates

Theresa M. Robinson BA, MA, ABD
Well-Being and Inclusion Catalyst
Facilitator / Speaker / Author
50+ Speaking Engagements Annually since 2005

Theresa M. Robinson Head Shot Color

Theresa is an ATD certified Master Trainer and professional speaker with international experience in Europe, North America, South America, Australia, Asia, and Africa. She is also the founder of Master Trainer TMR & Associates, a training consulting firm based in Houston, Texas, that provides corporate soft-skills training, coaching, keynotes, and management consulting services in the areas of leadership, team building, communications, diversity & inclusion, wellness, and presentation/platform skills. Averaging 50+ engagements annually since 2005, Theresa is a seasoned expert with an impressive client list that includes corporate executives from a wide range of Fortune 500 companies including Microsoft, Novartis, Procter & Gamble, GE, Allstate, ExxonMobil, KPMG, Deloitte, Mars, Nationwide, GlaxoSmithKline, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and Walmart.

Theresa is also the author of O-Syndrome: When Work is 24/7 and You’re Not (June 2017) and Women Overcoming O-Syndrome: Real, Raw, Unapologetic (September 2018).

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