What We’re Giving Voice To May Surprise You

Are you tired of others OVERjudging you? Do men at work talk OVER you? Are you OVERachieving and still being paid less than your male colleagues? Were you passed OVER for a promotion or a plum assignment? Is it hard for you to get OVER feelings of betrayal due to sabotage by a woman? Do you struggle with OVERcommitment of your time and energy? Are you so busy that you tend to unconsciously OVER isolate yourself from others?

You are not alone… 

Theresa describes these experiences as O-Syndrome and offers hope as she shares stories from badass women collabHERators who have OVERcome! As a follow-up to the first in the series–O-Syndrome: When Work is 24/7 and You’re Not, this book gives voice to the “her story” experiences of women across racial and generational lines and offers up practical advice and tactics to help you overcome O-Syndrome.

Praise for the Book 

“What a gift Theresa gives us–the telling of shared experiences from wise and courageous sisters. So many women will recognize themselves in these pages. It’s from healing our most painful memories that we blossom into true self-actualized women. The only antidote to O-Syndrome is to be O-mnipotent! Now is our time to rise to our unlimited power! Thank you, Theresa for being the catalyst!”  — Shary Hauer, Founder of The Hauer Group, Executive Advisory and Coaching Firm, and Author of Insatiable: A Memoir of Love Addiction 

WARNING. Sentiments expressed in the book are often crass and not veiled in political correctness, tactfulness, civility, or etiquette. If you’re easily offended or blush at the mere suggestion of an off-color thought or remark, then this book is not for you. If you’re quick to claim “male-bashing” or discrimination, move on. The former is admittedly harsh, while the latter is illegal. If any of this applies to you, stop reading now. Each collabHERator was encouraged to just say it like it is and how she feels it–the good, the bad, and the ugly–without apology. So, in the spirit of full disclosure, I ask you to please refrain from judgment.

Here’s a sample of “Get Real” statements sprinkled throughout the book: 

I’ll just say that I’m so relieved O-Syndrome has nothing to do with orgasm, LOL! Because haven’t we women already suffered enough?! You probably won’t even include this in the book, but we have to laugh about some things in order to not cry about all things. — Pat, a collabHERator 

I speak up to both men and women. I’m like my grandmother, who reached a point where she didn’t give a damn. She spoke her mind to whomever. She had no hesitation about saying exactly what she felt and exactly what she thought. — Kim, a collabHERator 

It’s not just about women realizing we have voices. It’s about others shutting up long enough to recognize that women have voices! — Jackie, a collabHERator 

Women are judged and scrutinized for how we look. We’re too sexy or not sexy enough. We’re too pretty or not pretty enough. We’re too fat or not thin enough. One day at work, I overheard two men in our café talking about how overweight this woman was. A man can be bald, fat, and ugly, and it’s a nonissue! — Christie, a collabHERator 

Nothing is more uncomfortable than an old-ass man looking at you as if you’re a snack. — Ayana, a collabHERator 

I’m saying it now before you ask me any questions. I hate my job. I hate my company. My boss is an asshole. What else do you want to know?  — Roxanne, a collabHERator 

I don’t let a false sense of loyalty keep me from making the right decisions for me. I’m in my late twenties and have changed jobs five times. If I determine that people are crazy with unreasonable demands, I leave. I don’t do crazy. There is no salary high enough to convince me to do crazy. — Crystal, a collabHERator

The Keynote Experience

Training Program Topics

One-on-One Coaching

  • “Rarely do you find someone who can connect with both the head and the heart in a way that Theresa can. She is inspirational without being sappy and genuinely humble. She connects with the whole person, not just part of them.”
    Kirk Perry, then Vice President and General Manager, North America Baby Care, Procter & Gamble
  • “It was such an honor and pleasure to work with Theresa Robinson during the Corporate Athlete program. Going into the program I didn’t quite know what to expect, but I was immediately blown away by her fierce commitment to the program and to the people involved. Her presence was that of a true master trainer and speaker; she was powerful yet sensitive, and she really knew how to connect with people extremely well. I learned so much from her personally and professionally, so much so that I wanted to hire her to coach my team at Bumble and bumble. She is an amazing person, an incredible teacher, and a good friend.”
    Michael Gordon, Founder, Bumble and bumble
  • “Having the opportunity to work with Theresa was an amazing experience! She relays the material not only with a passion and energy that engages you from the start but brings a rare and powerful combination of integrity and authenticity that made me desire to really live out a new vision personally and professionally.”
    Sheldon Thomas, then Regional Immunization Sales Director, GlaxoSmithKline
  • “Theresa has the unique ability to be both supportive and challenging at one and the same time. She holds a bigger vision of what your life can be like and provides you no corner in which to shrink from your true potential, while at the same time letting you know she is in your corner to help you get there. Her facilitation was a true catalyst for change in my life.”
    Lable Braun, then Organizational Development Director, Dialogic Inc.
  • “Theresa Robinson is an extraordinary speaker and facilitator! She is dynamic, engaging, funny, and can be in your face when needed. Most importantly our clients love her! In an unprecedented event one of our major clients, a multi-billion dollar firm, requested Theresa as their performance coach instead of one of our founders…and she knocked it out of the park! Truly Theresa has achieved mastery at the highest level as a presenter.”
    Chris Osorio, then President, Human Performance Institute
  • “Theresa Robinson packs true power in her motivational toolkit -intelligence, impact, emotion, humor, spirituality- it’s all in there! During our sessions together, Theresa empowered me to dig deep within to rediscover my ultimate purpose for living. The process transformed my life – I am now healthier, happier and able to successfully handle whatever challenge comes my way on a daily basis.”
    Mike Sims, then Principal Designer & Owner, Fineline Creative
  • “Theresa is a dynamic trainer and educator. She captivates her audience with her animated style, high energy, compassion, and sense of humor. She challenges participants to embark upon a journey to self-discovery and self-empowerment, while providing the tools and techniques to bring people’s aspirations into reach. Better yet, she leaves audiences ready and willing to take action that can transform both their professional and personal lives.”
    Terry Geraghty, Senior Vice President, then Global Human Resources, Manhattan Associates
  • “Theresa is one of the most energetic, engaged, and inspiring facilitators I’ve known! She connects well with each audience, cares deeply about their growth and development, and masterfully challenges them to be better than they thought possible. I’ve also seen her tailor her message and approach to reach a group “where they are”. I can’t say enough great things about Theresa!”
    Debra Ross, then Director, Partner Learning and Development, H-E-B Grocers
  • “Theresa Robinson is one of the most dynamic speakers I have had the opportunity to experience in the 22 years I have worked in Organizational Development. Theresa is an excellent example of full engagement both in her personal life and in her seminars. She captures the audience’s attention from the moment she steps on the stage and she continues to engage them throughout the entire presentation. Theresa gives realistic life tools participants can use to change behaviors and ultimately change their lives for the better.”
    Jana Nelson, Organizational Development Specialist, Ministry Health Care
  • “From my first handshake with Theresa, I was struck by her inspiring and stirring demeanor, encouragement, and strength of spirit. Her coaching style was extremely effective; thus, as a coach for my organization, I have aspired to emulate some of aspects of her coaching approach in conveying information to individuals and groups of people.”
    Dave Lubitz, E.I. (DE), Structural Analyst, Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.
  • “Theresa Robinson delivered one of the most powerful training experiences we have had at our company. She demonstrated a mastery of the material presented on Energy Management, and her delivery of the material was captivating. The impact was seen in our organization by the lives that were changed as a result of this experience, both in performance improvement at work and quality of life at home. I would highly recommend her to any organization looking for a world class trainer.”
    Don Griffin Vice President, Human Resources Johanna Foods, Inc.
  • “Theresa is one who is a most masterful and authentic coach. She has the talent of inspiring with her heart and leading with her brilliance and expertise. She demonstrates a commitment and truth that lands deep inside the participant.”
    Dr. Melaney Sreenan, Internationally renowned author, speaker, coach, and consultant.