Theresa M. Robinson is pleased to announce Women Overcoming O-Syndrome: Real, Raw, Unapologetic, available this fall. The book’s message is especially relevant and timely due to the #MeToo, #TimesUp, and #MentorHer movements. As the second book in the series (The first book published in 2017 was O-Syndrome: When Work is 24/7 and You’re Not.), this upcoming book gives voice to the representation and treatment of women in male-dominated environments. As a collective effort of many women who have submitted their stories and/or have been interviewed by me over the past year, the book is appropriately authored by me and an amazing tribe of “CollabHERators.”

Follow the link for a sneak peek excerpt from the book.



The book is by and for crazy brave, fiercely resilient, stereotype-busting, insanely courageous, relentlessly determined, wildly successful women.

O-Syndrome refers to the “overload, overburden, and overwhelm” that can result from what many women still experience in male-dominated environments and industries. The first five chapters focus on the following experiences of women being

  • Talked over
  • Overtalked
  • Overlooked
  • Overjudged
  • Passed over

and what tactics/strategies we’ve used to overcome these experiences.

The next four chapters center on another aspect of O-Syndrome, namely what women sometimes tend to do to ourselves:

  • Overachieve
  • Overcommit
  • Overaccommodate
  • Over isolate

and what measures we’ve taken to safeguard our well-being.

The last two chapters focus on what women want from allies, and the chapters are titled as follows:

  • Not Every Woman Has Your Back
  • Not Every Man Is Clueless and Action-less

Theresa and her collabHERators are very excited about the impact this book can have! And we hope you are, too. Stay tuned for  exciting updates leading up to the official release.